Belts For Torque Converter

The “V-Belt” used on the MAX-TORQUE torque converters are a symmetric belt angled at 15 degrees on each side of the belt for a combined angle of 30 degrees to match the sheaves of both the DRIVER and DRIVEN units. The measurement at the top of the “V” is 3/4" (.750 +/- .031). A standard 5L or “B” belt WILL NOT WORK because they are too narrow at 21/32” (.656) which is already .100 smaller than our belt.

The center to center distances we use are based on a 7” DRIVEN unit which is the ONLY size DRIVEN we make which is offered in both a 5/8” bore as well as a 3/4" bore. We offer only three belt sizes:

Our P/N Description on Belt Belt outside Circumference Center to Center
26-01 MXT97 29.375 7.00 to 7.125
26-02 MXT98L 30.250 7.375 to 7.500
26-03 RMT31.25 31.375 8.200 to 8.325

Belts will NOT stretch, they wear out from the sides. Keep the sheaves shiny and use a scotch guard pad or 220 grit sandpaper to get rid of any rust on the sheave to make the belt last longer. Rust will prematurely wear the belt. Once the top of the belt gets below 19/32 (.593) it should be replaced. A lose belt or a narrow belt will damage the driven unit because the DRIVER will slam into engagement. You will not be getting the top speed from the kart any longer and you run into the possibility of the belt getting stuck in the DRIVEN unit. All torque converter belts must be cogged on the underside of the belt because they are turning a VERY tight circumference on the DRIVER unit which is only 1.175” in diameter at the powder metal bushing on the driver fixed sheave.