Variable Speed Drive System

Your variable speed drive system consists of a driver a driven and a 26 degree symmetric V type belt

The driver unit consists of two 13 degree variable pitch sheaves mounted on the engine crankshaft. As the RPMs increase above the idle speed of 1850 RPM the unit is activated by centrifugal force. The floating sheave of the driver is forced inward as the RPMs increase. Contact is made with the belt forcing it to move upward on the driver sheaves and downward on the driven sheaves. The driven unit is two 13 degree variable pitch sheaves with 7 inch diameters that are mounted on the jackshaft. The driven unit has been designed to float on the jackshaft. It should not be fixed. Once the belt is aligned with the driver, all float with the driver will be towards the engine

  • Engine Ranges

  • At idle speed
    The driver unit is disengaged. No tension on the belt. The driver is immobile.
  • At low speed
    With acceleration, the driver sheaves begin to close. The tension on the belt moves the driver.
  • At middle speed
    With continual acceleration, the driver sheaves move to close as the driver sheaves move to open.
  • At high speed
    The driver sheaves are closed. The belt has attained maximum height on the driver and traveled the maximum downward distance on the driven.

Assembly instructions

Your complete unit must be mounted on parallel shafts with a desired center distance no greater than 6 13/16 (6.8125) inches. After it is centered at idle the driven unit must have at least 3/8 of an inch inward float to properly align with the driver unit.DO NOT USE UNIT WITHOUT COVERGUARD IN PLACE. Pieces may not be interchanged with any non Maxtorque components.